Sunday Gatherings
Sundays @ 9AM + 11AM
602 Pruitt Rd // The Woodlands, TX 77380
House Church
Wednesdays @ 6:30PM
Sundays @ 5:30PM
Across our city
sunday gathering

Worship and
study Scripture together.

house church

Be personally known and pastored.


Have your family share in the life of our church.


Are you reconsidering
the local church?

Are you wondering if the church, as you understand it, is the way God intended it to be?

Maybe you have excused yourself from the local church because you’ve been frustrated, hurt, or disillusioned by what you have experienced. Maybe some of the discouragement we have experienced isn’t just the brokenness of people – we are all broken. Maybe we have experienced structures and systems that have moved away from God’s original designs for His Church.

Jesus said, “I will build my church.” We believe that He gave us good designs for His Church, and we are in pursuit of His plan.


We want to change the way people see Christ, Christians & the Church.


We are a Church.
And we are a Project.

We are rethinking church by returning to what Jesus originally intended His Church to be.

We have returned to the New Testament Principles of Church: simple Sunday Gatherings, studying the Scriptures, and House Churches fully functioning as a church – with everyone in a 1:1 discipleship relationship, and serving our city through Ministry Partnerships.

We find the practices and principles throughout Scripture, history, and the global church were decentralized from primary place & priest, had distributed pastoral leadership to House Church Pastors and diverse House Church communities – gathering geographically to experience diversity socio-economically, generationally, single and married, and in different places of spiritual maturity.

cp daily

Resources for your daily alone time with God.

Learn about House Church

We are a Church of House Churches.

Church Project began with a mission to rethink church and return to the essence of leading, gathering and living the way Christ and the early church intended.

We believe that Christ changes lives, and that His church can be the most powerful influence of love and change on the planet.

We are on a continual pursuit of becoming who God originally intended us & church to be. We pursue the biblical, simple, powerful early church model of church.

Take your first step into our community by joining a Sunday Gathering (9AM + 11AM) at 602 Pruitt Rd.

Sunday Gatherings

Join us weekly for songs, Scripture, silence, stories and sermons.

worship - 1200 x 820 BW

House Church

Be personally known and pastored in a House Church.

house church - 1200 x 820


Be taught and teach others how to follow Jesus.

Ministry Partners

Start meeting needs by serving our city and world.

Generosity homeless - 1200 x 820 BW

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Sunday Gatherings
9AM + 11AM
602 Pruitt Rd
The Woodlands, TX 77380