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Sunday Gatherings.

We gather every Sunday to worship Jesus. We sing songs. Share stories of God’s faithfulness. Be still in silence. Speak Scripture aloud. And study God’s Word together, verse by verse in a sermon.

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House Church

We are a
Church of House Churches.

Scripture instructed and described elements of the church that should work for all people, in all places, in all times. The church in Scripture, throughout history, and around the world, practiced:

Distributed Pastoral Leadership

Beyond elevated and separated clergy, pastors from among the people in the congregation. A pastor available for all of the people.

Decentralized from Primary Place & Priest

Not a sacred place, with sacred people. The life of the church not centered around a few people in a certain place.

Diverse Discipleship Communities Gathered Geographically

Gathering geographically forces diversity. We are diverse generationally, socio-economically, culturally, ethnically, singles and marrieds, and in spiritual maturity, all living together in a family-like community.

Serve our city.

Serve our world.


Learning to give like the Bible says.

In Luke 21:1-4, we see Jesus caring about, noticing and commenting on the people’s giving. What matters to Jesus should matter to us. If Jesus is our Savior and our Lord, then we care about what He cares about. 


We define a disciple as someone who is actively engaged in a process of knowing Jesus more deeply and personally. A disciple is growing into an obedient follower by saturating their life with the ways of Jesus and developing a lifestyle of walking with Him. A disciple is serving God and others through their church and continuing to make disciples and produce disciple-makers.


Discipleship is the responsibility of every believer. It means learning to love and serve God at a whole new level. However, we can’t experience discipleship alone. Wherever you are in your journey, we will come alongside you. From the initial decision to believe and receive Jesus as your Savior to becoming someone who can effectively disciple another, we will help you step by step.

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A network of churches.

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Church Project is a Network of Churches across the globe who are committed to rethink and return to the ways of a New Testament ecclesiology.


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Sunday Gatherings
9AM + 11AM
602 Pruitt Rd
The Woodlands, TX 77380