Sunday Gatherings
Sundays @ 9AM + 11AM
602 Pruitt Rd // The Woodlands, TX 77380
House Church
Wednesdays @ 6:30PM
Sundays @ 5:30PM
Across our city
Joining a house church

A diverse, discipleship community.

Step 1

Find a House
Church at the right time.

House churches meet in houses throughout our communities Wednesdays @ 6:30PM or Sundays @ 5:30PM (except First Wednesdays).

Step 2

See what House Churches gather near you.

Click on the map below or select a region to find a House Church closest to you geographically.

Step 3

Fill out the
quick form.

Connect with the pastor and/or host by filling out the online form.

Step 4

Receive a response with directions.

The pastor and/or host will give you directions (or a link if House Church Online) and answer any other questions you may have concerning House Church.


Find a House Church near you.

We are a Church
of House Churches.

Scripture instructed and described elements of the church that should work for all people, in all places, in all times. The church in Scripture, throughout history, and around the world, practiced:

DISTRIBUTED Pastoral Leadership

Beyond elevated and separated clergy, pastors from among the people in the congregation. A pastor available for all of the people.

DECENTRALIZED from Primary Place and Priest

 Not a sacred place, with sacred people. The life of the church not centered around a few people in a certain place.

DIVERSE Discipleship Communities Gathered Geographically

Gathering geographically forces diversity. We are diverse generationally, socio-economically, culturally, ethnically, singles and marrieds, and in spiritual maturity, all living together in a family-like community.

We are a CHURCH OF HOUSE CHURCHES: Many House Churches, connected together as one.

House Church Leadership

Each House Church is carefully selected and led by a qualified, trained, accountable pastor from Church Project who oversees the teaching, leadership, and care of each individual in their House Church.

New House Churches

Church Project is continually looking, praying, and planning to start new House Churches in strategic locations with strong, qualified leadership in pastoring and hosting.