Sunday Gatherings
Sundays @ 9AM + 11AM
602 Pruitt Rd // The Woodlands, TX 77380
House Church
Wednesdays @ 6:30PM
Sundays @ 5:30PM
Across our city

Making Impact

How we started

14 years ago, we started with 40 people who were formerly disconnected, and formed into two House Churches. 14 years later, we have thousands of people gathering in almost 70 House Churches across our local community, consistently multiplying.

14 years ago we had not one dollar of outside funding but were committed to simplicity for the sake of generosity. Today, we have directed many millions of dollars beyond our own walls to plant churches, and partner with local and global ministry partners who are doing good and sharing the gospel.

Our size has changed – we have grown. We have learned and matured. But, even now, none of our founding convictions, values, or structures have changed.

God has done great things in the last 14 years.

From JANUARY 10, 2010, with 40 people, in two House Churches and one simple Sunday Gathering in an obscure, rented warehouse, with no phone number, no foyer receptionist and no traditional marketing methods, we now have:

  • Close to 70 House Churches in The Woodlands, TX
  • Thousands of people gathering weekly in two Sunday Gatherings
  • Supported 20+ Church Project church plants
  • Directed almost $13 million towards local and global ministries and church planting
  • Supported, encouraged and resourced many other churches beyond Church Projects
  • Many Ministry Partners and others started by people within Church Project
  • Two buildings we own and share with ministries in our city, steward to capture resources to offset expenses, and use for Sunday Gatherings, First Wednesdays and other ministry events

Church Project has given almost $13 million to church planting and Ministry Partners since 2010.

We have good work to do this next year.

Church Project Network

Together, we planted 14 Church Projects in 2023. And we project planting 20 more in 2024 with possible locations in Cuba, Zambia, and India. And these require continued funding to resource pastors and planters, secure gathering space, more.

Local Ministries

We want to increase our annual, financial giving to Ministry Partners. We want to identify and create partnerships with more ministries doing good work in our city. We want every person in Church Project serving with a ministry in our city.

Global Missionaries

We want to equip missionaries to start House Churches in their culture and context to then plant churches. We want to double the number of global missionaries from Church Project.

CP Online

We want to reach 20,000 people in our weekly, online gatherings. We want to start House Churches in strategic cities where they live.

Debt Reduction

Because of our approach to the utilization of space, our buildings provide well for themselves. This is a unique approach. But, if we had no mortgages on 295 Sawdust and 602 Pruitt, this income could completely fund many ministries and church plants. 

Clinic Operation

As construction continues, financial giving will help secure staffing, operations, volunteers, and more – planning to have Good City Health operational in the second quarter.

Every person can contribute
in the good work God's doing.

You can start giving a little.

If you are a part of Church Project but not yet giving to Church Project, would you begin to give regularly? If 2,000 of us, who are not yet giving, begin to give $20/week, our giving would increase by $1 million annually. Start giving today >>

Start giving a little.

You can start giving a tithe.

Maybe you have given some, and your next step could be giving what Scripture considers 10%. This act of obedience could be transformative in leveraging your finances for doing good and increasing your own trust in God. Start giving more >>

Start giving a tithe.

You can give above and beyond.

If you give generously and consistently, you may desire to give more through an additional gift. This gift would realize Church Project’s efforts in planting more churches, supporting Ministry Partners, operating Good City Health and so much more. Give above and beyond >>