You Can Never Over Pack

As a woman, I have been told MANY times that I over pack for my trips. 95% of the time I agree, once I get to wherever I’m going and realize I probably didn’t need 6 pairs of shoes – but hey I wanted to be prepared!

Tonight we gathered at the church, and for 3 hours we prepared VBS crafts for over 400 kids that we will be serving in Haiti!

From the minute I walked in, everyone was hard at work cutting, gluing, bagging beads, and doing whatever they could to contribute!

This truly is a great group of ethusiastic, hard-working people going on this mission trip!

Each of us will be carrying one 50lb bag, which doesn’t even include our own clothes and supplies for the trip. Let's do some math…. there are 15 people going x 50lb bag = that’s 750 lbs of goodies we are taking to Haiti with us! WOW! What a blessing! We have packed clothes, shoes, cleats, soccer balls, crafts for 4 different lessons, and I’m sure a ton of other stuff that I can’t even think of right now! For once, I am 100% sure we did NOT over pack!

As for myself, I have spent several days going over my list, multiple trips to Walmart & Target (repeating the words: sunscreen, bug spray, water bottle), Pinteresting ways to pack efficiently, carefully packing my snacks into baggies labeled by days (I’m overly efficient), and somehow managing to fit 7 days into a carry on and a backpack!

High fives for everyone!

Thank you for following us on this life-changing adventure. You can help us by using the “Back Home Prayer Guide” to pray for us each day!

– Ashley Grissom, Mission Haiti 2016