Colombia Mission

The goal is to lead people to Christ through fellowship, community, and the teaching Word of God

The Church Project Colombia team is doing an evangelistic camp in Medellín, Colombia known as an e-camp. The purpose of an e-camp is to spread the Gospel in an intentional way, while teaching the leaders in Medellín how to do the camp themselves. The goal is when we leave they will do this camp again for themselves, and then take it to other churches across Colombia and the nation. This is a model that can be replicated in any place or country. The goal is to lead people to Christ through fellowship, community, and the teaching Word of God. The theme of the camp is “Press On”.

2016 Church Project Colombia Team

Pastor Fernando Tangarife delivers the invitation after the teaching the Word on the first day of the evangelical camp. Nine of the young adults accepted Christ as their Savior.

All of the young adults attending the camp gather around to learn how to play games with their teams. 

The first service was at the Christian soccer club of the Medellin. Two members of the CPA Columbia team participated in the service.

Christian Jackson, Oklahoma State university student, gave his testimony. "Rely not on your passion, but on the Lord's passion for you." Christian thought his life, his future was about football, but he soon learned that our Savior's plan for him was much greater.

Natalia Gualteros, student at Sam Houston University, brought the message.

Matthew, James, Habakkuk, and Hebrews provided the foundation for her passionate message to 70-80 young and old in attendance. "Christ must be the foundation of your life." The vocal responses from the assembly during her message were uplifting and joyous.

The outstanding turnout was notable for the CP Colombia team, requiring them to bring 30 additional chairs from upstairs.

– Joan Needham, Mission Colombia 2016