The primary environment for community, growth, and accountability at Church Project is House Church. However, we also offer strategic opportunities and supplemental resources to equip and encourage men, to strengthen the community in their House Church and impact others in their circle of influence.

Men need a clear, compelling vision of biblical manhood and time with other men to effectively process their manhood. We encourage men to huddle up and run the play—to gather in substantive conversations with other men around the timeless principles of God’s Word and to engage in House Church, one-on-one discipleship, and Jesus-centered ministries, locally and globally.

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We offer two opportunities each year for men to gather around the principles of biblical manhood covered in the six volumes of 33 The Series. Each volume stands alone so a man can engage at any time. Learn more at authenticmanhoodinitiative.com/tools

We hope you will join us for some of the 6-week sets. Even better, we encourage you to initiate huddles of your own with men in your House Church, your community or workplace.