There’s a Better Way


". . . Did you received the Holy Spirit . . . ?" Acts 19:2


If someone were to tell you they were going to cross the Atlantic in a row boat, and they planned to row every mile of the journey, your reaction might be, Hey, whoa, wait a minute. I know a more efficient way you can make it and in half the time. There's a better way. 

We live in a world where there are winds of every kind: the following winds which blow behind a vessel causing, gale-force winds that can uproot trees and rip homes off foundations, gusty winds which last for a moment, the sharp, piercing winds with air so cold that it creates frost bite, and yet, God has prepared a better way for us to cross the storefronts of life. 

The better way is the Holy Spirit. It's difficult to see how anyone can believe in God and refuse to seek or know the fullness which comes from knowing the Holy Spirit. 

What the writers of the gospels and the rest of the New Testament testify to, is that God was revealed to them as more than an impersonal force, more than a moral, self-improvement program, but as a personal communion, found and experienced through the Holy Spirit of Jesus.

The first disciples, after Pentecost, had an inward power instead of an outward presence. The friendship they had with Jesus had become the fellowship of the Lord. The Spirit was God in action, working within them in a personal way and communing with them in true fellowship. 

To believe in God as merely a force that spun the world into motion, is not the kind of faith that will help us navigate the torrents of life. That's not faith, that's only cold rationalism. It's only through close, intimate relationship with the Spirit that we discover that from the zephyr to the tempest, the whole scale is equally at His command. 


Are you experiencing the present work of the Holy Spirit?