The “It” Factor


“. . .demonstrating by the Scriptures . . .” Acts 18:28


Our culture applauds magnetism and charisma. The entertainment industry calls it the “it” factor. Many who’ve experienced a meteoric rise to heights of fame have exploded in mid-air like the after-burn of a roman candle. It’s fleeting, fading, and in a moment, “it’s” gone – forgotten.

Apollos had the “it” factor. Scripture tells us he was eloquent, full of energy, and he handled the word of God powerfully. He was a powerful, penetrating preacher, he was indeed a personality on fire. Wherever he preached, he drew great crowds, but he was lacking one thing.

Apollos knew nothing of the descent of the Spirit at Pentecost. Apollos had not experienced the gift of the presence of Jesus. He was preaching an incomplete message.  

This describes many believers today. They are well-educated in theology, well-spoken regarding scripture, well-meaning in their attempts to tell others of Jesus. But they lack power. We will never be able to reason anyone into the kingdom. We need the presence of Holy Spirit in all we do.

There’s a line, an invisible threshold, here in Acts 18. The line is drawn between verses 26 and 27. In verse 25, we are told he was speaking accurately of Jesus. Apollos had been trained by both Greek and Jewish philosophers. In verse 28, we see Apollos demonstrating the scriptures. From declaring to demonstrating, what caused such a remarkable difference in Apollos?

There was a shift from self-generated power, to the presence of the Holy Spirit. That’s the real “it” factor. It’s the spirit that enables us to be compelling witnesses. With His Spirit, we make channels of His grace to flow out into a searching world.


Is the presence of the Holy Spirit in all you do?