God's Goods


“. . . they took him aside and explained to him the way of God . . .” Acts 18:26


May we never underestimate the importance of a working knowledge of the scriptures. A desire to know Jesus. Giving a convincing testimony of the life of Jesus. Possessing a passion to help others know and follow Jesus. Being part of a strong and growing church. The baptism into the body. Having zeal for missions. May we never overestimate these things, because Christianity is more, much more, than these things.

Apollos was a man who had been acquainted with the things of Christianity, but had missed Christianity by a mile. He had missed the very thing many believers today miss. Jesus – the meaning of the gospel. 

To know Jesus is to identify with His death and resurrection. It’s dying to self. It’s recognizing that you can do nothing, and you are willing to stand as a sinner in the presence of God, claiming nothing, counting only on the love and forgiveness of Jesus. To know Jesus as Savior changes more than our actions. It changes the center of things from self-directed to God-driven grace. 

It’s the difference between carrying the world on your shoulders, and carrying the cross. Once we openly and honestly admit where we stand in relation to Jesus, we are raised to a new kind of life. What a difference knowing Jesus makes. No wonder Priscilla and Aquila had to take him aside and explain to him the way of God more accurately.  

The churches are filled with people who are “so close” Christians. They know the gospel, try to live a good life, they play their part in the life of the body, but they’ve missed what the way of God really means. They’ve never given up the direction of their own lives, they’ve never been the receivers of God’s grace, only the givers of God’s goods. 


Have you surrendered your will to the will of Jesus?