“. . . I am unwilling to be a judge of these matters.” Acts 18:15


Our world is too small. Filling it with petty concerns, minor offenses and pointless achievements shrinks the richness of the life God intended us to live. Always stewing about trivial unimportant things clutters up what matters most. Never in history has a generation made so much of so little. 

It was a good thing for Paul that Gallio was proconsul of Achaia. Gallio was a man who had the ability to see all the pieces of a matter without losing sight of the main point. He had cultivated the ability to see an issue apart from his relationship to it.  Discernment. That’s what Gallio had. The wisdom to know how to tell the difference between large and small matters

Paul was brought before Gallio because they claimed he was preaching something that was not Judaism, therefore, violating Roman law. Gallio saw through their empty charge at once. Before Paul could utter a word in his defense, Gallio spoke “this is not a matter of Roman law, this is about your own personal bickering. I refuse to be drawn into this fight.” 

True believers distinguish themselves by knowing what’s worthy of their attention and what’s not. It’s not that they are indifferent, but they have learned to discern between the important and unimportant matters. Even God, according to Paul overlooked the ignorance of people before Christ came.  

We’ve got to learn to let it go. If people leave you, let them go; when they insult you, save your post, just let it go; when they want to argue and fight, let it go. Refuse to be trapped by the trivial, keep your focus on the faithfulness of God.


Today, practice letting it go.