On Any Given Day


“. . . I have many people in this city.” Acts 18:10


On any given day this city appears jammed with a mass of chaos and confusion where highways and freeways intertwine. Where on-ramps and exits entangle with side streets and back roads. Viewed from a distance you might think it’s a heartless and cruel place. You might think they are calloused beyond redemption, lost in their own selfish interests, aloof and untouchable. You’d be wrong.

They are more like children who have played with fire and gotten burned. They mean well, but they’ve not learned how to live. Some of them are waiting to be shown the way out of their tangled mess. They may not respond to your efforts instantly, but deep in their hearts, they have a desire and a need. 

They are fearful and timid, they’ve been burnt and disappointed before, so they hold back. Who wouldn’t? But look at them, see the story on their faces, tell the struggle that lies behind the life they live. Don’t bum-rush them with a sledge hammer, don’t crush them with scripture and Bible knowledge. Just listen and love them. Tell them about Jesus, let them see you are in the same predicament, that you too face danger, doubt, and disappointment, that like them, you too cry out for the living God. 

Look at those in your city. Remember these are God’s people. They have the capacity to respond to Him, they are not all fools, by any means. Don’t lose hope because of the situations you see. Instead, recall the words of our Lord, “I have many people in this city.”


Set aside some time today to look someone in the eyes, listen to their story, and love them where they are.