The key to the success of the early church was its use of unique and unexpected methods for changing the world. Today those elements continue to be what fuels her success. This week we take a break from our study in Acts to once again discover afresh the ingredients of each Christian and ultimately the flourishing of the church. The CP devos are created for you each week. Read them, soak them in, and pass them on to others. 


“Therefore by Him let us offer the sacrifice of praise to God.” - Hebrews 13:15-17


Worship begins before the music starts. Worship happens when we use our willingness and capacity to love God above all else. The emotive flow of worship is the result of giving our full and total yes to God. 

From the act of worship flows our acts of worship. We pay little attention to worship as a mission. Worship is not just a style of music or meeting at church, just for Sundays, and it doesn’t start or stop. Whether you like it or not, you worship God every second of every minute of every day with your lifestyle and actions.

Hebrews 13 reveals three defining aspects of worship as a mission:

Worship is the speaking of truth

We see here the sacrificial praise of God is the verbal proclamation of His name. The “fruit of our lips” mentioned here reminds us, it is the Holy Spirit that enables and directs us to speak up, to tell our friends and family about the love of Christ. 

Worship is sacrificial service 

The model of sacrifice was Jesus, and we are commanded to live in light of what He’s given to us. Serving others should distinguish Christians from the world around us. We are warned to “not forget” because in doing so we give in to our fleshly desires and neglect the transformation of lives.

We are called to humble submission

It takes great humility to submit to the leaders God has placed in our lives. As we grow in humility, we grow in leadership. Leadership is a weighty task; we are told in verse 17 our leaders should “keep watch over your souls.”


Challenge yourself to go through your day seeing everything you do as acts of worship.