“So the word of the Lord was growing mightily and prevailing.” Acts 19:20


We all face obstacles, they may seem insurmountable. It looks as though you are facing a situation of impossibility, you might feel outnumbered, outgunned, and overwhelmed. But that is no reason to quit, give up and give in. The next time you face the urge to quit, remember you are not alone. 

Think of Paul. Think of the forces in Ephesus against his gospel, against his Lord. Think of his heart, bearing the burden of the churches he had planted in his earlier missionary journeys. Think of the poverty, the hunger, the anxiety, the stress, and the perils with which he was confronted. Tough times indeed. Yet, how does this section of scripture come to a close? “So.” 

All that is needed to understand what’s happening here is the “So” Paul encounters for two years! Think of it, two years of difficult people and demanding situations. The result of the seemingly insurmountable odds? “So” all heard the word of God and grew mightily. Regardless, the word of the Lord prevailed. The power of “so” teaches us shocking lessons.

Difficulty creates opportunity

All kinds of facts and forces press against us every day.  Opposition is no reason to quit. Rather, all things are subject to Him. It was precisely because of the spiritual attacks that great things were taking place. It’s in the midst of times of darkness that God demonstrates His great power.

Devotion calls us to overcome

One person absolutely at the disposal of His Lord, so consecrated to Him, just one believing person can overcome incredible obstacles. Whatever comes our way, we face it! Feel it! Fight it! And so, the word of the Lord prevails. 


If we are to see God’s work grow and prevail in our own city, we must yield ourselves fully to the work of the Spirit. Where in your life are you saying “so”?