Personal Pentecost


“. . . the Holy Spirit came on them, . . .” Acts 19:6


God is bound and determined to take us with Him on this journey into the land of fullness. God takes us beyond our greatest aspirations and ideas for our lives, and molds us and shapes us for His purposes. God will not rest until He brings us into all Jesus has made possible through the cross. 

The purpose of Pentecost was not to teach the disciples something, but to make them something. The desire of heaven was to make them an incarnation of what they preached so they could literally become God’s message in the flesh. It was to be the life of the Holy Spirit living in them that would make them witnesses.

In Ephesus, Paul discovered a small group of disciples who had the same problem as Apollos. They knew the facts of the Gospel, but not the acts of the Gospel. Paul knew exactly what to do. He preached Christ and led them in their own personal Pentecost.

In the book of Acts, Pentecost takes place four times: to the Jewish believers in Jerusalem, to the Samaritans through Phillip, to Gentiles by Peter, and here to the dispersed Jews through Paul.

As a result of the Holy Spirit, what transpired inside these disciples was that they were flooded with assurance and security. The Spirit bore witness with their spirit that they were children of God. There was an overflow of praise, tears flowed, followed by shouts of joy and they worshipped in other languages. 

We are to have our own personal Pentecost, where we are transformed into Spirit-energized believers who in turn change the atmosphere of our city.  


Take a moment to think this through, have you had a personal Pentecost?