The Larger Life


"Have you received the Holy Spirit?" Acts 19:2


When someone feels a void in their heart between them and God, it's usually a sign of a lack of salvation. When a Christian feels something is lacking from their relationship with Christ, it's usually a sign of a lack of the Spirit. 

When Paul meets this group of believers he felt there was something lacking within them. They were sincere and honest, but there was something missing, something of a fire, something of an emotion. There was simply no light or heat. The missing element was the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit deals with each of us about sin, righteousness, and judgment. And now, thanks to the illuminating work of the Spirit, they saw themselves and the world as they really were. This group of disciples wholeheartedly, fervently praised God, which is always a sign of the Spirit. They exalted Jesus because the Spirit does not promote Himself, but Christ. They could not stop talking about Jesus.

There are multitudes of people in churches all over the world who are not Christians in the sense of the New Testament definition. There are those who have knowledge of the gospel, but have gone no further. They have followed in the light given to them, but there is a fuller light, a brighter light and larger life, and that is what Paul introduced them. 

The strategy is simple and straightforward – go ahead, start with the salvation you've been given. You've received Christ, now live in Him, that's the larger life. You're well constructed upon Him. You know who you believe in. School is out, quit studying the subject and start living it! And let your life spill over into your living. 


Do you see proof of the Holy Spirit at work in your life? Why or why not?