". . . when you believed? . . ." Acts 19:2


Belief in God. It has a plethora of meanings. A belief in God which simply means that some mysterious, impersonal power created the heavens and the earth, is not a complete belief in God. That can be a philosophy of creation, or in the history of various nations in which God has powerfully intervened. 

Historical belief amounts to nothing more than acknowledgment that something, or someone, has moved in time and history. But, it's not a belief which leads to salvation.

To believe, really believe, means that we are willing to trust God with our concerns. We believe in His character, His attitude. We believe in Him so deeply, that we take Him at His word. This is a deep-seated, unbending, assurance of His presence and love for us. 

We believe that when we are at a loss, in trouble, difficulty or private distress, we will turn to Him. Our belief is that real, that concrete, so sure and reliable, that we are not ashamed to place our confidence in Him. When facing need, sorrow, or joy, or in times of loneliness, and stress of the heart, we turn fully to God. 

The only true, sincere belief is one which declares, "I believe in God, in the living God, in His holy, actual presence, who is here and now around me, over me, with me, beating the door of my heart, coming up to the windows of my soul, searching for me, waiting on me, asking me to throw open the door of my heart." Real belief doesn't stop there, the crescendo of confession says, "I believe in the Holy Spirit," the One who makes all of Jesus real to me. 


Fill a glass full of water, think about the depth of the waters of faith. Now ask yourself, how deep does your belief in God go?