More Force to Our Faith


". . . there is another king, Jesus." Acts 17:7


The belief that Christ is the King and His rule rises above all our divisions and personal preferences; that the reign of Jesus supersedes our breaches, differences, and doctrines, is the unifying belief of all His people. It's this grand confession in which His church makes His way their way of life. 

Jesus is the King, is the declaration of scripture, it's the practice of His followers. This simple but powerful four word confession is the bedrock of the Church’s proclamation. The formational goal of every Christ follower is to express and demonstrate His kingship in life and work. 

However, division still exists among Christians today. It's true that we believe, or at least appear to believe, that Christ is King. There is an autonomy about our faith, we believe it independently, individually. Faith tends to be something that is valued out of the public eye, away from the pressing issues of the day. But faith was never meant to exist in secret, hidden under a basket. 

The present reign of King Jesus is meant to be held by His people together. Let us then hold it together as one body, one bride. By focusing on Christ as King, we give more force to our faith. Additionally, we begin to see His rule requires action from us all in different ways.

There is unity in diversity. There will always be differences in doctrine and practice. But the church at large can reach above division and grow together in faith, hope, and love by displaying our confidence in Christ as our King. 

All over the world God is worshipped by different people in different ways yet all are in one church. The reign of Christ is seen as the values of Christ and the Spirit of Christ, which is accepted by Christians as the unifying center around which our allegiance operates. Only then can we turn the world upside down.


In what ways is your life declaring that Jesus is King?