Risk-Takers Wanted


". . . These who have turned the world upside down have come here also." Acts 17:6


Whenever the Spirit breaks into our lives – in the middle of the day, in the middle of the week, or in the middle of a lifetime – it's to announce the time for being passive is over. When we are seized by the power of great affection we are empowered with the courage to risk. The Spirit set us free from our self-imposed limits and moves us out into uncharted waters. Our secure, well-regulated, and largely risk-free lives are blown apart. The work of the Spirit saves us from both high idealism and low self-esteem and lifts us beyond our bonds to undreamed of possibilities. 

Our story may be one of inconsistent discipleship. Thankfully God has, and always will, use flawed people to accomplish His purposes. What a resounding reassurance for those of us trapped in feelings of inadequacy and inferiority. Truly, the most difficult thing about growing up as a Christian is believing we are the object of God’s delight. We tend to fight against the truth that we are lovable, because God loves us.

None of us are perfect, not one. Trying to appear perfect to others creates more problems than it solves. It distances us from others who could benefit from seeing our flawed selves. Even if we could live a life free of risk and mistakes, it would be a shallow existence. Mature Christians are those who have failed and learned to live gracefully with their failure.

In our most pensive moments, we doubt whether we really have the courage to risk everything on the gospel of grace and accept the total sufficiency of Christ’s redeeming work. Down deep in our soul, beyond our half-hearted attempts at self-improvement, our sensitivity to criticism, our insecurity that wears a thousand masks, God sees in us a real risk-taker meant to turn the world upside down.


What will it take for you to finally get over yourself and live the life God has for you?