The Everlasting Necessity of the Cross


". . . giving evidence that Christ had to suffer . . ." Acts 17:3 


The cross. The cross is a reproach to us, it says we are wrong. Our life must take the shape of the cross. This is the only true interpretation of life and life is only true when it takes the form of a cross. We have no reason or right to choose another way than the way God chose in Jesus. The cross is both a symbol of our salvation and pattern for our lives.

The cross is done "for" us.

At first we are timid to follow for fear of what others think. The cross opens the way for a new relationship with the Father. When we were down and out, Jesus made a decision in favor of love. He died for us and took on the burden of the world’s sin. He had to suffer in order to take the brunt of all our sin. 

The cross is done "to" us.

When repeated failure dulls the edge of our spirit, and we are about ready to settle for a life of getting and grabbing, the cross will loom upon the horizon of our life to mark the way to new life. It flashes across the sky of our life as a visual reminder there's a better way. Don't be afraid to go towards it. The cross does something to us, it stirs us out of the deadness of our old ways of living. 

The cross is done "through" us.

As sure as the cross does something to us, it immediately begins to do something through us. It builds hospitals and schools, it softens hard hearts, and sloths bitter tongues, it turns away wrath, it relaxes the grip of possessions, and releases us from the fear of losing what we cannot keep. It continually draws others into its saving life. 

So there it is – the everlasting necessity of the cross, in our run hard, cutthroat, calloused, win-at-any-cost world. Sometimes, the only way to gain the world’s attention is to die for them on a cross. 


Draw a cross on the palm of your hand. Spend the day welcoming the work of the cross in your life.