Never Stop


". . . but go on speaking and do not be silent;" Acts 18:9


Trouble. Many of us are pros at borrowing it. We wait for some disaster to hit, the next unpleasant situation to happen. We live with a certainty that things are going to be bad. . . again. Our thoughts assail us with, "What if it fails?" "What if they don't like me?" "What if I don't get the job?" and so, we go through a thousand imagined tribulations, which never come our way.

In the midst of our discouragement, God breaks through with a message of reassurance. Don't fear! Great words for those who are thinking of giving up. When we are about to give way to our lowest desire to quit, God says, “keep speaking.”

This verse should be written on every wall, whiteboard and chalkboard of all believers –  "speak on, never stop."  

No matter how discouraged you may become, no matter how much you doubt your effectiveness, no matter how many other things seem more important, no matter the response of others; nevertheless speak on and never stop. 

The good news must be told, the word must be spread. How can a person know and believe unless someone tells them. You sat, you have told them. Well sometimes, people have to hear it more than once before it finally sinks in, takes root and produces life. So speak on, don't stop. 

You may think you've said all there is to say, not so! The reservoirs of God are inexhaustible. The good news can't be told enough, and besides, the scenery of people's lives change from day to day, so keep on speaking it.  Keep on telling it from every angle.

If you are tired, God will give you strength. If you're exhausted, God will give you power. Remember the more weary you are, the more the word comes through you. God speaks through you, not only in spite of your weariness, but because of it.


Don't stop speaking of Jesus to others.  You never know how God will use it.