I'm Outta Here


"And he departed from there . . ." Acts 18:7


Enough is enough. Sometimes you have to know when to say when. There's no point in being faithful to an immoral situation. There's a difference between quitting and knowing when it’s time to move on. Quitting is often born out of a momentary impulse of frustration. 

Paul was no quitter. With the cultural shock of Athens, coupled with the cultural shock of the immorality of Corinth, Paul felt his righteous soul being smothered by all the indifference and immorality. It was time to go. 

Paul was not the kind of person to straddle the fence with one leg on each side. When John Mark wanted to go with him on his second journey, Paul said no. Paul had made up his mind, there were no two ways about it. He was a decisive person. So now, when he sees the Jews are a stone wall, he breaks with them completely. 

Not everyone can make those type of bold moves, even though they should. There's a place in the church for peacemakers and reconcilers. People like Barnabas, always ready to heal broken bonds. 

The tension for believers is we must know how to carry out both roles. There are times we have to patiently bare the stupidity of people. To be slow to judge and quick to hear. And there are times we have to stand for something, to take a side, refuse to compromise, confront people with their stubbornness and, if there's no indication that things will improve, move on to another place where people are willing to listen. May God give us the courage to know when to say, "I'm outta here." 


Is there a relationship, personally or professionally, where you have overstayed your welcome?