Fellowship of the Faithful


"And he found a certain Jew named Aquila, . . ." Acts 18:2


People. We can't live without them, unfortunately, there are times when we can't seem to live with them. Each of us is involved in a number of different relationships: family, friends, and fellow workers, even within the fellowship of believers, in which there can be conflict. Not even Christians are exempt from trying, troubling relationships. 

Paul was no exception. He had been met by cold indifference, as well as fierce opposition. He had been driven out of many cities. The Jews had made trouble for him, all the conflict had gotten under Paul's skin. 

The best thing that could've happened to him was to meet others with whom he had something in common. That's exactly what happened, he met Aquila. Being in community make burdens bearable and wounds endurable. Being connected to a Christ-centered community has its benefits.  

The community has the power to remind us of our true identity in the Lord. Being connected to other believers helps us to know more deeply the story to which we are bound. A story of salvation and sanctification. For we have been made whole through the sacrifice of the body of Jesus. 

Those who gather together in His name are a sanctified community, set apart from the ways of the world. We are the church, those who have been called out from this world, only to be sent back as lights in the world, salt of the earth, a city set on a hill. 

By living in community with other believers, we are able to recover the zeal and passion we once served the Lord with. With other believers, we find healthy association, affinity, and affection. The friendship of the faithful fellowship warms our lives like a fire warms the house.  


Who are your fellowship of the faithful?