Sometimes You Have to Do Something Else


". . . and they were working; for by trade they were both tent makers." Acts 18:3


Great highs are often followed by great lows. For every mountain peak, there's a valley. After times of intense success comes inevitable stagnation. Feelings of despondency and dejection find their way into our heart and mind. Self-doubt creeps in and quickly turns into depression. 

Paul was depressed, battle-weary from fighting the good fight. The stress of all the conflict had set into his body, he was tired, frayed, and a little fed up. It's interesting to notice how Paul recovered his strategy for recapturing his vigor, vision, and vitality for bringing the gospel to others. He simply did something else. 

Paul dropped everything for a season, he stopped preaching. He went to work making tents. He gave his mind a rest by throwing Himself into physical labor. There are times when the most beneficial thing we can do is to give our mind a rest, forsake over- thinking and excessive reasoning. Our greatest insights come when we are doing something else.

You can make a comeback. Paul did, and so can you. You may have thought you were through believing spiritually things will ever be the same. But by doing something else, pursuing a hobby, becoming occupied with a new interest, then miraculously, the fire comes back, the passion returns. The water level rises and the once dry shores of your heart are washed again. And you return to serve His kingdom. 


What's your "something else"? Write it down. Now schedule a time to do it.