An Energetic Force


". . . in Him we live and move and have our being; . . ." Acts 17:28


God is the source of all life. As the source, He does not leave it to itself. Rather, He lives in His creation. From its lowliest beginning up to its highest point, God breathed life, bringing man and woman alive. Because in the whole universe there's is a reveling of the character of God.  

God is the creator and sustainer of life and yet, God is not confined in this life. He is eternally complete within Himself. He does not need creation in order to express Himself. He made us so that we could know the joy and delight of enjoying Him. In Him we live and move and have our being. 

God was productive, creative, and imaginative long before He was our creator. In God there's an eternal fellowship – a love which never fails, a love of the Father and the Son in the embrace of the Holy Spirit. Knowing God as our source draws out of us a response toward the mighty, loving, heavenly father. 


To adore God is to be heart-smitten, not for what He's given us, or for what we want from Him, but simply because of the wonder of His presence. Out of the heart rises reverence, "I praise you, I prize you, I treasure you, I thank you for you being you, for the grace of your glory." Learn to worship, let it diffuse over your whole life, let it spill out into the ordinary places of life, let it intertwine with the demands of the day.


To serve God is to move, faith to be moving out from us towards others in compassionate action. Faith doesn't merely recite words of creed. Faith is an energetic force which takes our words of belief and incarnates them into life-giving action unleashed on the needs of the world. We make the gospel felt and known in the removing of mountains of sin. 


Finish these sentences:

I adore you because__________

I make you known by __________