Near or Far?


". . . though He is not far from each one of us;" Acts 17:27


So many seem to be living so much of their life as though God were not near to them, but far away. The largest, most fundamental thought about God that concerns each of us, is that He is near us. 

The struggle to believe that God is near, which comes from our concept of nearness, is so material. We think of things we can see and touch as being near. God can seem so remote up there in heaven, sitting on His far away throne. It's easy enough to believe God has no affection for us down here in our little distant world. 

We must reject such deliberately debilitating thoughts. The nearness of God is like the air that presses on your skin. There's no place you can move your body that the oxygen, both within us and around us, doesn't touch every part our created body at once. God is as close as the air you breathe. 

We must know something of how the great, omnipresent, living God feels towards us. Shockingly, it's possible to be near God and yet so far away. It's quite possible for people to touch God and still be separated by a wall of cynicism, doubt and indifference. 

But the Bible reveals that God is not only near to us, but loves us deeply. His presence is a loving presence. God loves us not because of a deliberate choice of His Will, as if He might have loved us, or He might have hated us, but He loves us because He's God. As fundamental, as eternal, as a solid part of Himself, as He is, so is His love. And this God becomes a part of the meaning of His nearness to us. 

Love is not one of His attributes, it's all of them. His holiness is the wholeness of His love. His righteousness is conformity to His love. His justice is His love in action. His mercy is love towards lost sons and daughters of God.


Is God near?