Continents of Millions


". . . they might grope for Him and find him," Acts 17:27


Religion confuses our search for God. It's been that way since the beginning of history. In our search for God, we have been feeling around in the dark for God. Many religions are not sure that God loves us, or cares for us. They subject their followers to live a life full of doubt and fear. Some religions speak of God's mercy, while others speak of His judgment, and still others say He's a God of charity and goodwill. 

However, the spirit of religion has convinced continents of millions they must satisfy God with sacrifices, but are uncertain of the pleasure of God. So they give, always afraid the demand will not be enough. Religion has no dynamic. Regardless of one’s attempt to find God through empty, man-made standards, it ends in relapsing back into old evil ways. 

Some religions have restricted God to regulations, rules, rituals, and rites. But Christianity stands in stark contrast to all the religions of our world. For no other god has ever said, "Come unto me all who labor and heavy laden, and I will give you rest." The power of Christ is in that which frail, lost, searching souls find life. 

Throughout the centuries Jesus has influenced the lost and wayward to find Him and be loosed from their sin.  Jesus drew others to Himself. Pilate confessed He was an extraordinary man; the centurion said He was the son of God; Peter confessed that He held the words of eternal life, but it was not the ideas or influence of Jesus that brought about a change in the lives of countless others. 

It was through His life, death, and resurrection that He made a way to defeat death once and for all, to break the stranglehold of sin off people's live, to remove the weight of guilt, condemnation, and shame over our lives.


How are you different because of your relationship with Jesus?