Seek and Find


"that they would seek God . . . and find Him" Acts 17:27


We are placed in this world where we can find, follow and know Him best. That's the motive of God. God is like a parent who has lost their child, calling into the dark, in hopes the child will hear the voice of the parent and grope their way through the darkness, towards out stretched hands, until they feel the parents’ hands grasping theirs. So God calls out to us with many voices. 

The voice of creation

The basic is plain enough in creation. Open your eyes, look around you and there it is! Take a long, hard, thoughtful look at what God had created, people have always been able to hear with their eyes, they can hear the voice of His creating power and the mystery of His divine being. All creation is laced with the wonders of His hands so that the souls of all who seek Him will turn to Him and know Him. 

The voice of compassion

God doesn't leave Himself without a witness in the world. The voice of God is seen and heard through people whose work and life are the result of the provision of God. He pours down rain, provides bumper crops. With full lives and happy hearts, they thank Him for their daily bread. Those who watch, see the act of gratefulness as evidence of a power beyond their own doing. 

The voice of counsel

The writers of scripture were lit by the light of God. They spoke brave, strong and holy words for God. It wasn't something concocted in the human heart, or born out of detached imagination, it resulted when the Holy Spirit prompted those listening to speak  God’s word. Today, God’s voice can still be heard through His word. 

This very moment there's a strong voice out of heaven saying salvation and power are established, the accuser has been thrown out. Our ears are ears to listen, seek, and find Him. 


Are you listening to the voice that calls you to know Him more deeply than ever before?