A Living Belief


". . . they received the word with great eagerness, . . ." Acts 17:11


In our lifetime we will face a great many battles. Our conflicts come in different forms, physical pain, emotional turmoil, financial struggles. We will face full contact attacks in the arenas of spiritual battles, philosophical dilemmas, relationship drama. Our battles will be both great and small. 

Regardless of the size, or what's at stake, we must remember Jesus is not shocked by our battles. After all, it was Jesus who said, "in this world all will have trouble.” He expected this world to be filled with conflict.

But, by far your greatest battle, your most fierce enemy, will not be what others say or how they treat you. Your greatest enemy will not be the devil himself, rather, your greatest enemy will be you. You will have to learn how to get out of your own way. It's true that often we are our own worst enemy.

The older we get the more stuck and settled in our ways we become. People entrenched in their ways are seldom able to learn anything new, they are unable to experience the thrill of discovering any innovative approaches of doing things, or thoughtful insight. 

In these days, the Spirit of God still speaks through His word, pouring on us the light of knowledge of the glory of God. An open spirit and open mind are vital for every Christ follower. To have an open mind is not to carelessly or thoughtlessly accept everything we hear or read, but all things are taken in, tested by the very standard of truth, truth incarnate, Jesus, our rest and hope.

Christians live in a world enslaved by prejudice, ignorance. We are to stand fast and not be entangled by the burdensome ideas of the world. A Christian is to have a theology which can grow, expand a living belief that is capable of becoming deeper and richer because of knowing Christ more fully. 


What ideas have you accepted as true and need to be tested against the presence of Jesus?