God in the Grind


“. . . agitating and stirring up the crowds.” Acts 17:13


Life isn't fair. It's the lesson we learn at every age and every stage of life. Just about the time we forget, we are given another painful lesson. Experiencing unfair and unexpected situations elicits from us the first question of the soul, "why?"

The "why" has always agitated and stirred the heart. Why is this happening to me? Why do the evil succeed? Why do we suffer? Why have you forgotten me? Why am I in despair? Why aren't my prayers answered? We aren't the only ones asking these questions.

Our questions puzzle heaven. When the woman heavy with sorrow came to the tomb of Jesus, the angel asked, “Why do you look for the living among the dead?” When the disciples stood looking up into heaven, the heavenly guests standing with them asked, “Why do you stand gazing up into heaven?” God asked Israel, “Why do you spend money on what does not satisfy?”

The Spirit of God will not allow us to fixate on lesser things, nor will He allow us to look upward for too long. That day at the tomb the angel did not drive the women away, he simply invited them to come and see. Because the grave is empty, let your heart be full. The women were taught not to look too long in the grave, the men were taught not to look too long into the vacant space that was between them and heaven. 

Knowing the answers to all our why questions will not bring comfort. We don't have the luxury of living in our whys. We cannot live at extremes. Life is not all joy, nor is it all sadness. Life is comprised of ordinary tasks, daily work, faithfully living for God in the grind. We have to lay a foundation of patience and perseverance. Eventually, life must go on regardless of the agitation.


Deny the agitation and depend on the Spirit.