The Word and Work of God


“Therefore, many of them believed, . . .” Acts 17:12


Disciples are made, not born. Jesus had called a handful of rag-tag, unlikely followers. They were not particularly religious, skilled, or perceptive. Yet, Jesus discipled them. He lived the life of God before them and among them. He loved, He listened, He spoke, and taught as no teacher had ever taught. Right before their eyes He fed the hungry, healed the sick, raised the dead, and broke the bonds of sin and death, then visibly reappeared among them. 

It was the gift of the Holy Spirit that made broken people brave and bold. Whenever individuals have received the words of Jesus, there are common characteristics of believing His word. 

Aware of His presence

In the art of reading the sacred text, the Holy Spirit comes, He gives spiritual insight to see Him as king. He gives spiritual hearing; you hear His voice even the slightest whisper are heard loud and clear.

Awakened passion

In the early days of our discipleship, we are often docile, frail, uncertain, but when the Spirit comes, we have light and heat. They had clarity of purpose from which they were never diverted. The fire of God’s Word fuels our strength, nothing can stop us as we stay true to our Master’s commission to make disciples. 

Armed with positivity

When opposition comes and threats are hurled at us, we don’t despair or become disheartened or discouraged. We remain optimistic in spreading the gospel. When persecuted, we keep going preaching. When the word and the work of God work in tandem, there's born in us an unquenchable hope from the Holy Spirit.

God never refuses anyone the promise of the Spirit. It's the same spirit offered to us to equip us for life. The terms of receiving the power of the Spirit, we open our life to God, give up our sins, lay down our pride, and allow Him to rule and dominate our life. 


How would you describe your hunger for God?