Turbo-Charged Freedom


". . . he preached to them Jesus and the resurrection." Acts 17:18


There's no resurrection without a cross. The resurrection is more than a promise of a hope beyond the grave, more than an unalterable guarantee that the resurrection is of Jesus is a pledge of my own. The resurrection of Jesus means that He alone is over the living, as well as the dead. The risen Lord is over your life right this very minute. He is God above all other gods – security, power, wealth, beauty, or whatever else makes false claims over your life. Resurrection means the full, turbo-charged empowerment to freedom. 

In the revivifying action of the resurrection all is made new. We are given the preeminent revelation of the righteousness of God. All things ineffective and obstructive to intimacy with the Father, wax cold and crumble to the ground. In the resurrection, faith rises from the ashes of despair, emerging into transfigured splendor. 

The sacred literature once confined to historical journeys of people of the past, the poetry of kings and priests, now palpitates with fresh new power and insight. The temples became a living church, the law of sin was replaced by the law of the spirit of life. The community of God’s people transformed into an authoritative influence and lead an unstoppable wave of life, hope, and freedom on the earth.

The resurrection was spiritualized, energized, and glorified in Christ Jesus and became the fulcrum of holiness for all who seek Him. Jesus, who was the resurrection and the life called new life forth from Temple to tomb. What was once parlayed and powerless, now is kindled with fire, and lives because it's infused with unconditional love, righteousness, and the promise of the living God. 

The resurrection of the Lord Jesus was, for the apostles and the early church, the great fundamental, essential fact and truth on which they were prepared to stake everything for time and eternity. Today His church carries the message He's alive, He's alive forevermore.


Today try seeing your circumstances and the people in your life through the eyes of the resurrection.