Ten Traits of a Tender Heart

Love is not just the affection of the Christian life, it is the Christian life. Love is the reason God reached out to us, it's the response of the cross, it's the reality of Christ's church, it's the result of following in the ways of Jesus. This week in our devotional readings we take a fresh dive into the life of love. As you read, ask God to strip away any hindrance to love and simplify your life into a full-bodied, deeply-rooted, biblically-centered, ruthlessly-expressed, Jesus-born, tenderly-lived love. Keep sharing and reposting the devos. 


“. . . for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these.” Mark 10:14


A childlike heart connects us to God’s kingdom. It’s the connection to the children - Jesus smiling, welcoming the children, giving them access to the riches of heaven. What was it in children that made Jesus say, “of such is the kingdom of God”?


So it is with every child of God, dependence is essential to being a child of God. Dependence designs a space for God to fill with Himself. Dependence is room where God can work and expand His grace. Dependence doesn’t demand or march into heaven.


The greatest lesson we have to learn in life is the hardest thing to do – to take God at His word. If we could but trust, it would be the end of unhappiness and sin.


A child teaches us not to say things we don’t mean, to be direct and uncalculating in our speech. Relationships would improve if we learned to be straight-forward with our words.


It’s the instinct of a child to receive, it’s part of their nature. In adulthood, we learn the power of reflection, the power of choice, but without use, the ability to simply receive, is replaced by taking. Jesus is emphatic, whosoever shall not receive the kingdom, shall not enter.


Children are naturally humble. It’s only after they’ve been spoiled and over-indulged do they become proud. May our heart cry out, “strip me of my pride and clothe me with humility.”


The purity of a child has a holy luster, the simple attachment that binds the innocent heart to the Savior. For the adult who’s lost it, repentance restores it to a higher level.


Every parent works to keep the instinct active in the heart of their child. Through temptations, conflicts, falls, and sorrows, we press to do what pleases Him.


In a child, the springs of the heart are still fresh, their readiness to believe is strong. Simplicity can only be maintained by prayer and communion with God.


Children are surrounded by those who are delighted to see them. They are attracted to the warm-hearted trust. How our loving Father is drawn to us, when He sees that same trust.


Jesus saw in children the empire of God. A child is a living picture of the citizens of heaven, “of these, such is the kingdom of God.”


The real experience of heaven lies in the infancy of our heart.