World on Fire


“. . . the prisoners were listening to them;” Acts 16:25


The fundamental mission of the church is the proclamation of the good news of Jesus Christ. But there’s been a loss of faith in the power of the word. Many feel it’s not effective to be plainly spoken, to tell it like it is. They fear talking of the Gospel will turn people off. 

Today our world is on fire. War, loneliness, world hunger, abortion, are all rooted in humanity’s fallen state of rebellion. The first step in extinguishing the fires of our fall is to submit to faith in Jesus Christ and repent. Putting a band-aid on various aspects of our problems is not the answer. Change begins with commitment to the Lord Jesus. 

Each person must willingly renounce autonomy and self-sufficiency. And personal appropriation of the death and resurrection of Christ is the foundation for the church.

Failure to act on the gospel imperative will result in holding to a form of Christianity while denying its power. Liturgies, worship gatherings, conferences, crusades, and political assemblies all have their place, but none of them is an adequate substitute for dying to self. Explicit commitment to Jesus is the essence of the message of the church to the world. 

Whenever Jesus does not occupy the center, what results is confusion about the mission of the church. The battle cry becomes “get involved in a cause.” But if the root problem of cosmic world and personal evil is our rebellious heart, if real freedom cannot be had without a deep genuine conversion to Jesus Christ, then it stands to reason the mission of the church is preaching the gospel to all creation inviting them to repent and find salvation.


Intentionally examine your neighborhood. What needs exist? How can you and your house church meet those needs? Make a punch list of ways you can strengthen the church throughout your week. Then check off each item as you complete it.