Those Who are Listening


“. . . and the prisoners were listening to them;” Acts 16:25


Aware of it or not, there are always those who are watching us. There are those who are learning about Jesus solely from what they see in your life. Maybe not intentionally, but they are paying attention to the rhythm and reason for the way you live life. It’s more than curiosity that makes people watch and listen for Jesus in our lives. 

There are always fellow prisoners that are suffering the same struggles as ours. They want to know if you have any insight on how they can handle their problems. They desire to know what the secret of your victorious joy and the reason why you are singing in such a dark hour. 

What an incredible opportunity to help others through their trials.  What a stunning challenge it places on us to handle our struggles in a manner that points others to Jesus. Think of it, whatever hardship we face, there are always others around us with ears attuned to find for themselves  the source of our passion. 

That night the prisoners were listening as Paul and Silas sang. As they lifted up their voices in worship, their passion for Jesus filled the listeners’ ears. Paul and Silas did not know they had an audience at the time. They were not thinking of them as they sang, they were thinking of God and His goodness, His unconquerable love. 

This was not merely a song of courage, it was a song of faith. This is why it had such a heart-stopping effect on the other prisoners. It’s fine to encourage others to endure the storms of life, but there’s no gospel in that. 

The good news comes by telling them that the presence that’s with them in the storm is the Lord Jesus Christ. That’s the secret of the Christian’s success, that’s the difference between false faith and faith forged in fiery trials.  


Who are the ones around you listening to your life? 

What lessons about Jesus are they learning from your example?