The House of Lydia 


“. . . a certain woman named Lydia . . .” Acts 16:14


We all set out into a big, cold, cruel world. We start from where we are, we work with what we have, we trust God with what we know , and move forward. In doing so, we survive the ups and downs of life. Hopefully the way we live in the bright days and dark nights, we leave our imprint on the lives of others.  By the end of our life we will be remembered for who we were.

These verses contain all we know concerning Lydia. Yet, on closer inspection, they present a wonderful biography. Lydia is memorialized for what matters most in a life of faithfulness. 

She prioritized the presence of Jesus.

Upon hearing the gospel spoken by Paul, Lydia immediately gave herself fully to follow in the way of Jesus. In a remarkable public display of devotion and courage, she was baptized. Her demonstration of total allegiance to Jesus impacted her family, friends and co-workers to seek the Lord as well. Our salvation always affects others.

She participated with others in a place of prayer.

Lydia was a successful business woman, but when the Sabbath day came her business was closed. Neither she, nor her employees, could be found there. They had left home and work to go outside the city to observe a day set aside for the Lord. For many believers today, one day spills into the next with overcrowded, over-committed schedules, little room is left for God. Staying connected to community should always be at the core of who we are. 

She provided for people.

Lydia exercised the gift of hospitality. She considered opportunities to show God’s kindness to others to be a privilege rather than a burden. When Paul and Silas came out of prison, they entered the house of Lydia. Her generosity reached many who were in need and because of her giving, the church grew. We should never underestimate the impact of our generosity to others. 


Have you received Jesus as your Savior?

Have you been baptized?

Are you in a house church?

Are you strengthening the church?