Great is Thy Faithfulness!

Battles are common to all believers. Sometimes the conflict results from past injuries that have remained unhealed, or the war can come from our proclivity towards a particular temptation. But most certainly, the white hot center of attacks result from our fallen nature being at war with our new nature.  Whether we win the war will be determined by that on which we focus. The choice is either focus on the failure, or focus on our Savior. This week's devos are written to help you have confidence not in what you've lost, but what you have left. That is the ever present help of God. Read them, repost them, and relay them to others. 


The Lord is good to those who wait for Him, to the soul who seeks Him. It is good that one should hope and wait quietly for the salvation of the Lord. Lamentations 3:25-26


One of the most popular hymns of the past one hundred years is “Great is Thy Faithfulness.” This hymn, which recounts the faithfulness and mercy of God, was written by a surprisingly sickly and fragile man, suffering each day. He spent much of his adult life confined to a bed due to illness. 

Even in his infirmity, he recognized that God was faithful and merciful in the face of his sickness and suffering. He understood that God’s faithfulness and mercy were not contingent upon his physical state, impoverished lifestyle, or popularity amongst his peers. Rather than basing God’s faithfulness on his personal comfort, he concluded that God was faithful based upon the promise God gave to us in Lamentations 3 to deliver mercy to His people each morning.

These verses are meant to awaken us to the depth, strength and necessity of our relationship with the Lord. Suffering is a time to wait until you sense the presence of His strength, seek Him until you begin to feel His faithfulness saturating your circumstance. This is no time to pretend that your life is filled with joy, just wait on God until you’re grounded and assured He’s with you and it will be defeated. 

Our life circumstances will not always be as favorable as we would like. In these moments, it is necessary that we turn to His word and recognize that our circumstances are never greater than the promises God has given us. 

Each day we open our eyes is an opportunity to experience the faithfulness of God. When suffering and struggle seem to be daily occurrences, we must rest in knowing the eternal faithfulness of God will win out over temporary trials.


Father, guide me to know Your faithfulness. Thank You for giving me the patience to endure trials and help me see that Your mercy is all I need. Amen