The Simple Need

As Christians, we can share our testimony effectively, systematically, and clearly present the gospel. Our generosity can be remarkable, our service impeccable, but if all our gospel-centered effort lacks love, then it's all simply hollow action. This week we examine the spirit in which we live and serve the Lord. Scripture reminds us to let all we do be done in love. For there to be any power in discipling another through scripture, it must be done from a heart of love for Jesus. As you read this week's devos, pray that your heart will be drenched in His love. As you read, also feel free to repost and share them with others. 


" ‘While you have the light, believe in the light, that you may become sons of light.' These things Jesus spoke, and departed, and was hidden from them." John 12:36


Jesus spoke to His disciples with urgency. The Light as they had known Him to be, would not always be available as He had in the past. If His hearers were to walk in certainty, they should act at once, unless after His departure they might find themselves in darkness. He called them to live persistently and consistently in their faith. 

Jesus compelled them to believe in the Light, to believe in Him. As they believed in the Light, the qualities, characteristics, and nature of the Light would become evident in their lives.

Followers of Jesus, however, occasionally complicate the concept of following Jesus. We love to splice theology and argue doctrine. When we do, we lose sight of the simple need to become more like Jesus. Said another way, it is easy to spend time discussing, debating, and writing about Christian beliefs, all the while neglecting Christian behavior.

As we follow Jesus, we should become more like Him. Remember non-believers found Jesus winsome and attractive. Sinners actually liked to be around Jesus. So, if we are serious about reaching our unbelieving culture, becoming more like Jesus should be our primary goal. When we are more like our Savior, those who are far from Jesus will find themselves wanting to be near us. When they do draw near, we have the opportunity to shine God's light of truth and love into their dark world.

Jesus told His disciples they are light, and therefore, they were responsible for confronting darkness. The principle means by which they would drive out darkness would be enforcing Jesus' work on the cross in every present form of darkness. The life of believers can either attract people and draw them closer to faith, or distract them away from faith. 


Lord, thank You for sending "sons of light" into my life so I might come to know You. Now send me, I pray. Use me to bring others into Your eternal family.