In All Ways, By All Means

As Christians, we can share our testimony effectively, systematically, and clearly present the gospel. Our generosity can be remarkable, our service impeccable, but if all our gospel-centered effort lacks love, then it's all simply hollow action. This week we examine the spirit in which we live and serve the Lord. Scripture reminds us to let all we do be done in love. For there to be any power in discipling another through scripture, it must be done from a heart of love for Jesus. As you read this week's devos, pray that your heart will be drenched in His love. As you read, also feel free to repost and share them with others. 


"redeeming the time, . . ." Ephesians 5:16


Throughout our faith journey we will discover the hardest part of being a Christian is choosing to act like Jesus. Steadily, daily, deciding to live like Jesus would live, if He were wearing your shoes. We should be diligent to see there is a striking resemblance between us and Jesus. 

Every Christian is a living biography of Jesus. Aligning what we profess to be with who we are will bring about a striking resemblance of Jesus' character. We are to be living pictures of the one we follow. Were there that kind of conformity in our life, the world would not have to hold us up hour by hour and say, "Well, there seems to be somewhat of a likeness," or "It's not Jesus I have a problem with, it's the way His followers live." Rather, they would exclaim, "They have been with Jesus, they have been taught of Him, they have been conformed to the very likeness of the man from Nazareth and they are working it out in their life in everyday decisions."

A Christian should be like Christ in their boldness, confidence, and zeal. Never be embarrassed by your relationship with Jesus. Your profession of Him before others will never disgrace Him nor you. Take care never to disgrace Him.

Be like Jesus, valiant for your God; imitate Him through a loving spirit, think highly of others, speak kindly to others and serve others well and in such a way that the world could only say, "They have been with Jesus." Imitate Jesus in His holiness, His fervency to do the Father's will in both word and deed. Jesus was self-denying, never looking to His own personal interests, but placing others before Himself.

Redeem the time, don't let it be wasted on momentary desires. Our life is too precious, too short. Use the time you've been given to live as Jesus did. Ask that all that's real in Jesus, would be made real in you. 

Jesus was devout, so stay strong and consistent in your prayer life. Jesus always deferred to the Father's interest, so submit your drives and ambitions to Him. Because Jesus was patient, we can also learn to endure. The epitome of a living portrait of Jesus was His forgiveness of His enemies. So, forgive as you hope to be forgiven. Always give good in return for evil. Be godlike in all ways and by all means. So that all may say, "They have been with Jesus."


Jesus, help me to live this day so that others may see You.