Push, Pull or Drag

As Christians, we can share our testimony effectively, systematically, and clearly present the gospel. Our generosity can be remarkable, our service impeccable, but if all our gospel-centered effort lacks love, then it's all simply hollow action. This week we examine the spirit in which we live and serve the Lord. Scripture reminds us to let all we do be done in love. For there to be any power in discipling another through scripture, it must be done from a heart of love for Jesus. As you read this week's devos, pray that your heart will be drenched in His love. As you read, also feel free to repost and share them with others. 


". . . Awake, sleeper, And arise from the dead, And Christ will shine on you." Ephesians 5:14


It's time to get up and get going. Enough already with confusing chaos, with business. Away with lethargy, it's time to take reluctance and cast it aside. Listen to the fresh command of God for us to wake up, arise and live in the light. 

Stop waiting for God to give you energy, you have to get yourself up. Stop waiting for assurance of the future. The fact is, power comes upon us after we arise and move into action. When you do, you'll find He gives miraculous power to live. God doesn't give overcoming life, He gives us life as we overcome.

Darkness in the life of a believer tranquilizes the soul, causing sedation to set in. Our spirit ends up in a dormant, inactive state. The work of darkness will never contribute anything good. We are to bring darkness into the light of truth. All of it. Every attempt to justify it mitigates and conceals the true gravity of our situation, all of our excuses and apologies, for repeated defeats. There are four areas we must push, pull, or drag into the light.


There are things in life that are designed to depress us. Depression tends to turn us away from the practical work of God, like eating better and resting more. The ministry of God can be in the most simple things. When we arise and obey, the weight will lift.


The sense of doing something irreversible creates despair, but it's in the past now, so let it stay there. God says arise and move on to the next thing. Never let despair keep you from taking the next step.


The utterly hard, menial, tiresome, dirty work reveals our true character. The way a common task is done can make it holy forever. Don't continue to lie there and do nothing, do what He's asking you to, and His light will shine upon it.


Keeping our head in the clouds and pipe-dreaming about something we should already be doing is a waste of time for the disciple. God's word to us is don't get distracted, get going.


What do you need to bring into the light of God? Do it now!