Burden of Proof


“. . . they were relating what signs and wonders God had done through them . . .” Acts 15:12 


We do what works, because what we do works. Our old tried and true, life-long established practices have a long, strong claim upon us. The tried way seems the best way until it is proven otherwise.  Then status quo holds on until something breaks.

Such was the tension that existed between the old entrenched practice of the law and the new way of the Christianity. When a system like the law had dominated people’s lives, the practice of faithfulness to God could not so easily be tossed on the scrap heap without considerable proof from the Christ followers that it had a worthy successor. 

After all what match was the way of Christ to the well-worn proven way of the law? The new way of Christ ran against everything the law espoused. It innocently trusted in the power of love and renounced everything that was contrary to love. What chance did Christianity have in a world of violence?

The burden of proof rested on the followers of the new way. They didn't argue with the old ways of the past. They simply told what had happened as they preached the gospel to the people. They shifted the argument from theoretical to the vivid accounts of those who had seen God work miracles through the preaching of the gospel, and how it had brought life to those who had long given up all hope of life. 

The message they preached is the same we need to be reminded of today. This is not a matter for formulaic discussion in the same way we discuss the weather or mathematics. This is a matter of life and death. Through the Holy Spirit something is taking place in the lives of people. The movement of God can’t be hamstrung by ceremonial laws, however useful they once were. It must be given room to grow. This is the life of God come to dwell among us. It is free like a gift and it is for all. 


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