". . . they were trying to go . . ." Acts 16:7 


Life is full of wins and losses, best efforts and dismal failures. We know what it's like to launch out toward a goal and for a while things seem to be going well, but one day we come to a point where all our efforts are not working, life becomes a struggle. Suddenly we've hit an obstacle, things aren't working like they once did. 

We are stuck. We stand looking at the success but cannot seem to attain it, it's beyond our grasp. We begin to feel our life’s shrinking and our limitations enlarging. We feel the tension between who we are and what we should be. There is in every life the story of success we want to tell and the one we actually tell. 

There few things more disappointing than disappointment. It steals the luster of life and can leave us bitter. It's not so much the disappointments that can make one bitter. It's the way we brood over them, obsessing on what could've and should've been. It's the way we let them sink into our heart becoming a root of bitterness. 

We forget it was God who inspired the vision and following that vision has brought us to an unscalable wall, that is God’s doing. In the pursuit of doing good we must not let our heart grow weary losing sight of what matters most. 

In both our success and failure the one thing God requires is that throughout the seasons of our life we cultivate the life of God within us, that in each event we become pure and spotless in our character. The reason we are sometimes held up in achieving our goals is the reservation of our life in God. After all, what does it profit to gain the world and in the process lose our soul.


As you live and work towards your goals, what are the ways you are cultivating the life of God within you?