One Cause


“Paul wanted to take this man to go with him; . . .” Acts 16:3


If Jesus were to have one cause for all He did, it wouldn’t be His success as a rabbi, or notoriety of His preaching, nor His own personal popularity. Jesus’ one cause, the one thing that motivated Him, was discipleship. So central was this cause to Jesus that it was His final call to us “to go and make disciples.” So vital was this cause that He passed it on as the central task of the church. 

The responsibility of the great commission given to the church is grounded on the authority of the risen Jesus, the supplier and sender of all who seek to implement the desires of Jesus and demonstrate His life to others.  

The full saving life of Christ is put on display through our confidence and obedience to all He calls us to do. We must refuse to redefine what He originally told us to do in order to fit within our paradigm of safety and human reasoning. We are not free to cherry pick our preference of the great commission. 

It’s easy for us to read the command to teach others to obey Jesus while overlooking the supernatural methods of healing the sick, raising the dead, cleansing and casting out every kind of evil. We have to address the areas of our life which do not yet express God through deep prayer and stepping out in simple acts of trust, so that others everywhere will recognize King Jesus as the universal risen Lord and Savior. 

Paul had a plan to take Timothy with him, Timothy would learn the ways of Jesus in a real time, up close, one-on-one relationship with Paul. It’s the assignment of believers to disciple another. We should not expect people to know these things automatically. Becoming a disciple does not come naturally. It requires a new loyalty to a new ruler. It demands we acquire new habits. Discipleship is bringing another into the steady acclimation to the reign of God in their life. There’s only one question left to answer:


Who are you discipling?