". . . they separated from one another," Acts 15:39


Ministry between Paul and Barnabas had been good for a long time. Together they had faced great opposition. And now it was over between them.

One of the certainties of life is it fluctuates. There will be fluctuations, ins and outs, ups and downs, ebb and flow. There will be seasons of loneliness, eventually giving rise into connectivity, separation will be brought to an end with unity. There will be times we will be lied to by others, and we will have to know how to survive it and live through it. 

There will be dry seasons, as well as seasons of provision, seasons of barrenness, along with times of fruitfulness. In the moments when the floor drops out from under us, we will have to know how to draw sustenance from the memoirs of all the times God has been faithful to us. When our support systems in the present dissipate, our memory of God’s demonstration of provision will stabilize our heart to continue to trust Him. 

The principle of fluctuation is: for every open door there will be something in front of it, a storm, test, and trial of opposition. The challenge is to not let the fluctuations get the best of you. Don't allow yourself to slip into a state of depression over a temporary situation. 

Instead, stop, gather yourself, get clear in your thinking, let go of anything that’s hindering you from trusting God fully, and thank Him for all He's brought you through so far. When life fluctuates, you have to know how to keep the bubble in the middle. How, in uneven places, you have to know how to level up. After all, you have so many highs. In fact, more highs than lows. 

What we might not realize is faithfulness during times of fluctuations make us fit for the good fight. When life suddenly shifts on us, we must fight against stubbornness and selfishness. Get your eyes off of yourself, and remember your success is in the struggle. 


Who can you help in their fluctuation?