". . . let us return . . ." Acts 15:36


Every year various species of birds migrate from North to South. The timing of the migration is controlled by changes in the length of days. Migrating birds navigate using celestial cues from the sun and stars, the earth’s magnetic field and mental maps. In faith we must always follow the Spirit that pulls us towards a deeper life in Christ.

For a bird to journey hundreds or thousands of miles, it’s a difficult and perilous journey, one that not all birds survive. The trouble with migration is, if there was no migration a bird’s life would prove to be even more challenging, the fallout would be devastating, food supplies would be depleted, starvation would set in, and there would be fierce competition for nesting sites.

If the new believers in Antioch were to survive and thrive in faith, they would have to migrate from the burdensome pressure of ceremonial law, to the freeing spirit of all God has done through Christ.

The bird’s motivation for migration is finding richer food sources, seeking safer habitats and avoiding predators, which are all behaviors designed to ensure the success of another generation. We migrate seeking deeper faith, inner peace, and a strong sense of God’s presence. In exchange, we no longer offer rigid obedience to outward standards, but only an open mind, a grateful heart, a gentle spirit, and an unquenchable hunger for God.

The instinct of spiritual migration of the heart is moved by the call of Jesus. Can you hear his voice saying, "I'm setting you free, leading you out of guilt, condemnation and shame. I'm driving out the darkness of discouragement and pessimism. I’m liberating you from the petty parade of performance. I'm drawing you together in my love. I'm leading you to myself into the promised land of freedom, hope, and love, where you will live in unconditional love, full acceptance and total forgiveness. Soar sweet sparrow, you are mine. I've purchased you with a price and no one shall pluck you from my hand.”?


Migrate to His Spirit, keep Him, let Him fill you with the same love with which He loves you.