Someone’s Silas


“and Silas, leading men among the brethren.” Acts 15:22


Every person works better when they have companions, fellow journeyers in the cause of the kingdom. In Christian service, whenever one goes it alone they are soon to be a casualty of war.  

Risk takers need other risk takers who will listen to the Spirit. Jesus was no outlaw and nothing in the gospels support the notion that He was a maverick or a renegade. He surrounded Himself with others who were willing to make the journey with Him. 

As incredible as Paul was in writing, pastoring and preaching, he didn't do it alone. Paul needed Silas.

Silas was considered a faithful leader among the church. For years he served the church as a faithful pastor. It was for these reasons, and many more, that led Paul to choose Silas for his second missionary journey. Paul and Silas traveled and labored in the work of the kingdom together, they faced persecution and shared a dungeon. It might be that you are someone’s Silas. Consider the three signs of a Silas-servant. 

Promoter of God’s presence

Silas walked with God. He had an ability for making God real to people, it was because God was real to him. We must know God ourselves before we can reveal Him to others. He must Himself live in us before we can make Him real to others. 

Positively influenced people

Silas was a bright, cheerful person. Wherever he went, he lifted other’s spirits. There was no trace of gloom or despair. It was Silas who sang at midnight in the prison. We don't read of Paul ever singing by himself, but with Silas, he couldn't help but to join in. Our world is burdened by problems, harassed by difficulties, and haunted by fears. It is our role to encourage and lift up those around us. 


Silas removed the coolness between Peter and Paul, bringing these two men to once again join forces to serve God. Today there is a need for peacemakers. Everywhere there are conflicts, strife and brokenness to be healed.


Are you someone’s Silas?