The Fight For Simplicity


“. . . we believe we are saved through the grace of the Lord Jesus, . . .” Acts 15:11


Our spaces are crowded with competing platforms and products and ever-continuing layer upon layer. We begin to lose the sense of what matters most and who we really are in our cluttered world of chaos and confusion. We’ve forgotten that the simpler we are, the more complete we become.

We find ourselves in the middle of a way of life that has one characteristic word – perplexity. We live in a tangled state of uncertainty all the smoke and noise, of people pushing their agendas from every conceivable media outlet. 

Today, within the church, faith is frenzied by a mass of controversies, along with the splitting of theological subtitles. There too many voices and choices, we are wearied, worried, and wayward.

It was the fight for simplicity that led to the first council at Jerusalem. The Jewish Christians were teaching that it was necessary to keep the law of Moses. They were adding to the message of the sufficiency of grace and freedom of the gospel. If this were to prevail, it would sink the power and momentum of Christianity from a global movement to a mere sect of Judaism. Peter led the discussion, James made the formal motion, they held to the simplicity that Jesus was enough.

Essential Christianity is simple faith in Jesus Christ. We believe Jesus is the Christ, this is the confession which binds every Christian to God, and ultimately, to His church. Our creed and our confession is we believe in God through Jesus, His only Son, our Lord and Savior. There are times when we must fight for the simplicity of this message.

It’s the gospel that makes a person a Christian. We must unearth the gospel. The message of Jesus is to be held with conviction and preached faithfully by the church and her community in one unified voice.


Think of a tangled ball of yarn, at the center is the cross. What in your life is entangling the simplicity of knowing Jesus?