From Acts to Action


“. . . the disciples were continually filled with joy . . .” Acts 13:52


Life is not random. We cannot be lumped into impersonal abstract categories. It boggles the mind to think of the billions of men and women who fill this planet; we are not swarming bees buzzing in and out of hives. Deep within God, and deep within each of us, there is a unique relationship we each long for and ultimately have with God himself. God notices us, identifies us, has set His sights on each of us. He has destined us to be with Him.  His choice gels into an appointment to fulfilling His purpose.

The book of Acts is a book of action, the way God acts in and through the lives of His people. Page after page, we see disciples, apostles, followers of Jesus serving Him. Here in chapter 13 we see Paul and Barnabas traveling town to town preaching boldly, teaching faithfully. They were meeting with others, entering into gospel conversations with seekers, and confronting religious authorities. They were encountering opposition from critics. They were constantly having to encourage themselves by shaking off the dust of discouragement. In the process of righteous action they were experiencing great joy and constantly being filled by the Holy Spirit. 

Everybody Jesus called was busy. When they each discovered Him, they were working jobs, carrying out whatever the day demanded of them. Jesus never once called sleeping people.

He then called them, taught them, trained them, and sent them out. God uses people who are in motion. Had it not been for the fact the disciples were already people of direction and action, they might have never recognized Jesus moving through the crowded shore of Galilee. God uses people that move. 

God’s grace is activated when our faith has a goal, a target. God doesn’t just do an information dump into our mind. The way God makes known His insight is when we engage in His story. We only know Him, His ways as we are living in relationship with Him.


In which area do you need to actively follow after Jesus?