What Am I Suppose To Say?


“And the word of the Lord was being spread . . .” Acts 13:49


Conversational dilemmas, we’ve all had them. A moment of opportunity to speak a word of hope, life, and clarity of Jesus, an awkward pause the throat tightens. In nervous tension, all our thoughts converge into a cluttered mess. Sooner or later any Christian who’s serious about their faith will have this experience. Many Christians find speaking up about their faith in Christ to be the most difficult aspects of being a Christian. 

As citizens of heaven we carry the most rich, deeply penetrating truth in all the cosmos. In a world where death gets all the headlines, we are to be a peculiar people who practice resurrection. It’s an intentional, deliberate decision to replicate the way of Jesus in our life and from our lips. There are a few things we must do when we speak of Jesus to others.

Undergirded by confidence

A gospel conversation is based on our certainty of our relationship with Jesus. Speaking from the love of the Father, all fear and anxiety disappear, all the strain is replaced by security. All our words rest upon the tender mercy and love of God.

Understand their condition

People who are listening are aware things are not what they should be. There is an inward restlessness, coupled with an apprehension toward salvation. Our task is to help them see what’s imprisoning them. Once they have been identified, then we can move to speaking a message of hope.

Unclog the confusion

Because of their lack of connection with Jesus, we are to make it clear, remove any misunderstandings which linger in the listener’s mind. We are to introduce the personality of Jesus, to bring Jesus to the forefront, because it’s hard to know Jesus and be forever lost.

Unleash the community

We present a context for how new life is to be lived. Faith in Christ is connected to His community. Where we find generosity of forgiveness for reoccurring failures and resurfacing pride, a place where we pursue and practice freedom in Christ.


Today look for an opportunity to say something and trust Him with the results.