The Demand to be Noticed


“. . . as many as had been appointed to eternal life believed.” Acts 13:48


Overlooked, passed, left out, everybody has a story of not being chosen; not chosen for a team, a spouse, a job. Not being chosen carries with it the hard truth of being unworthy, not useful, good for nothing.

Not many of us take the news very well. We demand to be noticed, sometimes we join a team, take up a cause. Others go to the extreme by becoming a bully, breaking the rules. We will do anything for notoriety, even if it gets us thrown into jail. Dyed hair, pierced body, a well-placed tattoo. We refuse to remain invisible. However, our futile attempts don’t have much staying power. 

It’s against this background of being ignored, dismissed, that we are introduced to a fresh breath of Redeemer’s air. We have been appointed for eternal life. Yes, God chose us.

Not at the last minute, or because He felt sorry for us, and no one else wanted us. We are not mutts at the rescue shelter, but rather He planned it from the beginning. We are part of a cosmic plan worked out here on earth. 

Everything He has done, and is doing, is to win us over, grow us up into the stature to respond to Him. Beginning with the first couple being covered by God’s sacrifice.  God kept choosing, reaching out for the people of the world. He wasn’t content with just a few, so he covenanted with Abraham to bring all who believed through faith into relationship with Him. Still, God chose us by refusing to rest until He could rule and reign over all the chaos and confusion of our life. Finally, God would reorder the way we live life by giving us life in the Spirit. 

Upon believing Jesus, we now are grafted into a new freedom, forgiveness, and family. We become conscious participants in the salvific work of God. A people who are given our identity in Jesus and His resurrection. We are to find ourselves no longer left out.


Have you believed and received Jesus?